The  blank page, gulp, how is one supposed to fill it? In fact no, scratch that, how is one supposed to start to fill it?

I am a very new writer, this being my first blog, it is a dream I have secretly harboured for some time now, especially since I embarked on an English Literature degree just over 3 years ago. During which time I have read the works of some great english writers such as the Bronte sister, Austen and of course Mr W Shakespeare, the greatest of them all.

I often sat in wonder at their use of language,narrative and the characters they invent and the traits that they give them. Just where does that that inspiration come from?Is it everyday life? Maybe in the case of the Bronte’s, what with their oppressive school life and the numerous posts of governess which inspired Jane Eyre to the brooding dark rolling hills of the moors which feature so prominently in Wuthering Heights.

And so my question is this, where does a girl from urban Lancashire with a boring 9-5 job get her inspiration from? In all honesty I have not the faintest idea where I am heading with my writing but hey my ramblings have managed to fill the blank piece of paper, that must be an accomplishment in itself.